Pluto in the 8th house

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Anyone with Pluto in the 8th ? Please, share your experiences.
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  • An Island

    Mon, June 2, 2008 - 6:46 PM
    No place to hide...And hide you want with Pluto in 8. Just to be left alone...
    just a little bit of peace and quiet, fighting your own little guerrilla warfare.
    He will not let you rest, each and every experience laced with paradox,
    making you conscious of all the things you didn't want to know about your little ego.
    And so it begins...the great transmutation. You have to get to the bottom, to control it:
    Power and Control...

    The overwhelming feeling you have to start over and over again each moment in Time...
    Who am I really?, what do I really want?, why am I so at odds with myself?
    Why can't I be like everyone else? And why are people looking at me all of the time? Ha!
    Surrender? Never! Each step, you gonna travel lighter and lighter...loosing what you
    like, what you want...burning away the waste...hitting rock bottom, rousing the Dragon.
    Nothing to loose: you get your wings and your multipass.

    No going back, all bridges burned - playacting, incinerating...peace with each step,
    forgiving everyone, even Your self. Then Shedding the armour, exposing your delicate heart...
    Kaboom! a leap of faith: running the Gauntlet. All the while, holding the serpent at bay...
    and waking it, shaking with happiness, like a newborn babe, you are crossing the border.

    Leave it be, just loose control...surprise yourself. Release the unfathomable eagle.
    Destroy the destroyer...resurfacing from the Depths of the Marshland. Open the eye
    and burn it to ashes...Again and again...relentlessly, like a second nature...
    A Witness of the rebirth...every living Moment:

    At the dawn after his enlightenment the Buddha uttered this verse:

    "Thro' many a birth in samsara wandered
    Seeking, but not finding, the builder of this house.
    Sorrowful is repeated birth.
    House builder, thou art seen.
    Thou shalt build no house again.
    All thy rafters are broken; thy ridgepole is shattered.
    The mind attains the unconditioned.
    Achieved is the end of craving."

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